Terms of Use Agreements for TOCFL Learner Corpus

The downloaded party has been authorized to use TOCFL Learner Corpus for research purposes. The downloaded party agrees to abide with the following conditions on the use of these datasets:

  1. The TOCFL Learner Corpus can only be used in academic research and cannot be used in profit-generating or commercial activities.
  2. The downloaded party will not transfer all or any part of TOCFL Learner Corpus to third party.
  3. The downloaded party will indicate the uses of TOCFL Learner Corpus, and acknowledge in any papers or reporting results of academic research based on the TOCFL Learner Corpus.

    Please cite the corresponding paper as a reference:
    Lung-Hao Lee, Yuen-Hsien Tseng, and Li-Ping Chang (2018). Building a TOCFL Learner Corpus for Chinese Grammatical Error Diagnosis. In Proceedings of LREC'18, pp. 2298-2304.
  4. The downloaded party alone bears the legal responsibility for any possible infringement of copyrights or intellectual property rights that may arise in the process of using the TOCFL Learner Corpus for profit-making